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Professional Development

Supervisee Professional Development

Supervisee Professional Development (SPD) is an approach Marian has developed in both an individual and group structure to explore therapists’ continuing theoretical development of their clinical work.  SPD supports a research based attitude and exploration.

SPD is different and separate from your clinical supervision.  SPD is a distinctive model of exploration and inquiry that supports the ongoing development in therapy work.

This model is aimed at those therapists that recognise the value of ongoing development is more than workshops and conference and seminars, or even peer support groups.  The SPD Model is geared towards deepening and expanding your theoretical and clinical knowledge clinical work and experience as the framework.

By bringing your clinical experience to SPD sessions you have the opportunity to analyse, explore and further your understanding of your interventions and the focus and dynamics with your client.  Included in this is the transference and counter-transference dimensions - should these be aspects you attend to.


The SPD Model also lends itself to the writing of case studies and articles so for those that wish to explore write-up possibilities then SPD will help deliver this.


Whilst SPD is based on a humanistic approach to therapy, which is not surprising as the majority of my own teaching and learning is in the humanistic school the opportunity to consider DSM V and other diagnostic material is available.

SPD sessions take place in my therapy room in Lichfield which caters for individual and small groups.  Specific SPD are planned for larger groups and these are located in Bearwood, Birmingham.

The cost for individual SPD is £60 per hour.

The cost for small group SPD is £60 each for the cumulative hours duration.

SPD days will £70 and will usually run from 9:30am -  4.00pm

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